Billions and billions.


It can be difficult to articulate just how expansive our universe is. We don’t know its full size, and probably never will, as technology may never catch up with what would be required to come up with that answer. I’ve always believed that the universe is the size that it is, always growing, because the essences of every human that has ever lived returned to the cosmos where they came from to become a star. As Carl Sagan said, we are all made of starstuff. The molecules, the atoms that make up the human body, are also found in stars and planets and meteors and comets and everything else floating around up there. I suppose it’s similar to the Christian idea of “dust to dust,” but I’d much rather be a beautiful twinkling star, lighting up the night sky, than dirt.

For your Sunday musical interlude, here is my favorite Bob Seger song, which has absolutely nothing to do with today’s prompt:



  1. blogblog65 · January 8, 2017

    I think I would rather be dirt than a star. I would like to be good soil that gives life to plants, trees, and flowers. I guess that’s what makes the world go round–we are all different. Good song 🙂 And then you can’t have plants and flowers without a good star either.


  2. gc · January 8, 2017

    Love Seeger. Heavy Music and Motown. Thanks for the memory. 🙂


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