They love us both the same.

I have a lot of friends with siblings, and they’ve told me horror stories about growing up, about how their parents favored one child over another and gave them more toys for their birthday/Christmas, more privileges as they got older, stuff like that. I suppose I’m fortunate, well, I know I’m fortunate in the fact that I can’t say that about MY parents. I have one sister, she’s 5 ½ years younger than I am, (If you don’t think I’m going to give her so much grief later this year when she turns 30, you’re out of your mind.) but my parents never favored me over her, or her over me. They treated us both the same. If I got punished for something, she would get punished if she did it too. If they spent $100 on me for Christmas, they would spend $100 on her for Christmas. Now, that might not mean the same number of gifts, depending on what they bought, but they would spend the same amount on us both. She never got less privileges than me when she got to a certain age.

I suppose part of that stems from the fact that my mom was decidedly not my grandmother’s favorite child (that would be my late uncle), and she always smarted. My grandparents when to his HS graduation, they didn’t go to my mom’s. My uncle got a car when he graduated from HS, my mom got nothing. My grandmother told her all the time that Dick (his name was Richard) was her baby, even though my mom was the youngest. She was determined that neither of her children would go through that themselves.


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  1. heart2go · January 10, 2017

    My parents were just like this too! I think it is the best way to raise kids and avoid the inter-sibling resentments that can taint the rest of life. I have 4 kids and can only hope I managed to do the same!


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