The whole world doesn’t need to know.

I’m a very private person. That might be a bit odd to hear, considering I have a blog and a Twitter account, but what I share on this blog and on Twitter is nothing I wouldn’t want people to know. I know what to share and what not to share, and it puzzles me when other people don’t have that same understanding. I think some people give away too much information about themselves online, and I don’t mean Social Security numbers or the routing number for their bank accounts, but do we need to see photos of your children all the time? Your house? Your family? Do you have to share where you are, every waking moment of the day? I think some apps are more harmful than helpful, honestly. If an unscrupulous sort of person were to keep tabs on your Twitter feed, they might be able to deduce your exact schedule from day to day, knowing precisely when you’re not home…or when you’re home alone.

I’m just saying.

Keep some shit to yourselves, okay?


  1. Michael · January 21, 2017

    Nice job, Beth! You captured in a well crafted paragraph what many just don’t understand.


  2. blogblog65 · January 21, 2017

    Like, does that mean that you want a picture of me on the toilet?


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