Happy Anniversary.

Today is my parents’ 45th wedding anniversary, and they’re not sick of each other. Yet. Out of all my friends, they’re one of the few couples still married to their first spouse. A lot of my friends have divorced parents or parents that have remarried a couple times over, so even amongst their own generation, they’re a rarity. I’m not sure what has made their marriage a success all these years, aside from the fact they love each other, and to be honest, no one else but my mom would put up with my dad, so there’s that too.  😉

Today’s Musical Interlude is the #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 the week they got married. It’s a really crappy song, so I’m apologizing in advance.




  1. Christa chn · January 22, 2017

    That’s so beautiful and cute. All of my sincere congratulations to your parents.


  2. luckyjc007 · January 22, 2017

    Congratulations to them! My husband I are among the “older” generation and find that a great deal of them are still married ( one marriage) . I believe things have changed over time and marriage means different things to different people. There are more challenges these days which are numerous compared to the “old simple life” that most older couples have dealt with. Attitudes and priorities have changed. For myself, I am happy that my husband and I are from the “older” generation. Our 53rd anniversary will be in July.

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  3. The Showers of Blessing · January 22, 2017

    Congratulations to your parents. My parents were married for 70 years when my dad passed away. My mom lived for four more years then passed away.

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