I look like a school bus.

Yellow is a color I cannot get away with wearing. It doesn’t flatter me at all, and because I’m not rail thin, it tends to evoke an unflattering comparison to a motorized conveyance for kids, instead of chic fashion. It doesn’t matter what shade of yellow it is, either. I’ve tried to wear everything from very pale yellow (I think it was called lemon chiffon, which only made me hungry for pie.) to a mustard yellow, and nothing works. Some colors just look awful on people, and that’s how it is for me. I’m jealous of people who can pull it off, but I’m sadly not one of them.



One comment

  1. cwhiteweb · January 29, 2017

    Made you hungry for pie hahaha
    I feel I am with you there. It is just a colour I will have to be content with never wearing 😀

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