Tell me sweet little lies.

I hate invasive gossip. There’s something unseemly about it, I think. I don’t mind a little harmless speculation about what someone is wearing or where they went out for dinner, but when it starts getting into the realm of who slept with whom, who is pregnant with such-and-such’s baby and does the husband/wife know about it…it just feels dirty. Maybe it’s because I don’t give a damn who fucks who or is pregnant or who isn’t. That shit is private and should remain so, whether the individual being discussed is a celebrity or if they’re not.


One comment

  1. the20somethingexistentialcrisis · February 8, 2017

    Completely agree. I mean, it’s one thing to personally ponder about it inside your head, but discussing it with other people. None of their damn business.

    Excellent post!


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