Guard yourself.

Has anyone else felt it important sometimes to lower their expectations of a situation or event or person, just to avoid getting hurt? I don’t even mean just in terms of romance or interpersonal relationships, either. I end up doing it all the time, but I do it as a defense mechanism. If I start out pessimistic about something, that way if it turns out good, I can be pleasantly surprised, as opposed to starting out optimistic only to end up disappointed in the end. I suppose it’s not the mentally healthy thing to do, to always be cynical, but I’ve had my heart stomped on enough times, in more than one way, that I’m almost physically incapable of NOT being like that. It’s not that I have no faith in people, it’s that I don’t know many people worth having that much faith in. Pretty sad, huh?

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day to all those who celebrate the holiday created by a greeting card company to help push their products. Congrats for buying into a purely commercial, capitalist expression of fiduciary buying power. I hope you remembered to buy chocolates, flowers, and expensive diamonds for that special someone in your life, lest you be made to feel like the lowest microbe that resides on a dog turd.


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