One of the worst movies I have ever seen.


I love your music, I hate your movies.


I’ve seen a lot of shitty movies in my time, both because I was forced to watch them or because I thought they’d be good and turned out to be quite mistaken. Glitter falls into the latter category, though in my defense, I didn’t go into it thinking I was going to be seeing Gone With the Wind or anything. I actually consider Glitter to be the last thing I remember from a pre-9/11 world. I saw it in its opening weekend, which was the week before it happened. I was 19, and there was a certain naivety covering everyone that wouldn’t be around for much longer. I think that’s part of why this movie sticks in my mind so much, 16 years later, even though I loathed it. I went with my sister, and even she, at the tender age of 13, knew it was crap. I knew it was crap. Everyone in the theater knew it was crap. Mariah Carey is a great singer, but she’s a horrible actress. The plot was so thin, it was practically non-existent. I actually wondered for a moment if we were all the unwitting victims of a practical joke. I have the soundtrack because I enjoy the songs, but that’s about the only positive I can come up with for it.

In case anyone was wondering, the absolute worst movie I’ve ever seen is The Boys From Brazil. Holy shit. Gregory Peck and Laurence Olivier must have been in desperate need of a rent check.


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