Two left feet.

I have absolutely no rhythm whatsoever, and therefore dancing for me is a no-go. I love to watch other people dance, but I don’t join in. I’m always jealous of how people, especially professional ballroom dancers, can remember all the steps and turns and head flicks and whatever else, to able to do on the spot when the music changes. It’s the same envy I have of people that can play musical instruments. How do they remember all the songs they’re doing in a concert? All those chords and notes…it would do my head in. I always wished I was more artistic growing up, that I could sing or dance or play an instrument or draw/paint/sketch…I didn’t get hit with the artsy stick, I’m afraid. A friend of mine once tried to teach me how to do a waltz, which sounds like it should be a fairly easy proposition, but I managed to bungle it up so spectacularly, he said he was surprised I could make it down the stairs without breaking my neck. A bit hyperbolic, but still in the ballpark.


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