Getting older sucks.

Does anyone else feel like age is creeping up on them? I don’t mean in the sense that you look in the mirror and resemble a Shar-Pei with grey hair, I mean the little things. Your back hurts getting up in the morning or your knees/elbows/ankles ache when the barometer goes up and down. Stuff like that. I’ll be 35 in June, so I’m hardly calling myself a senior citizen, but I’ve noticed a few more aches and pains recently than I’ve experienced in the past. Now, that could entirely be down to the fact that I’ve been exercising a lot more the past year, and those muscles/joints aren’t used to the work I’m putting them through, but still. I even found a couple grey hairs a few days ago when I was brushing my teeth. The hairs weren’t in the toothbrush, BTW. They were on my head. I nearly burst into tears.


  1. ahiggins2013 · February 28, 2017

    Yes, getting old does suck! I am 68! At 35, I was still in good shape; I’ve been blessed with no back , knee, or hip problems. It was after I turned 50 that various body parts began to go bad on me. Like: Skin cancer, Heart attack, etc., and the lesser ones like grey hair and wrinkles.


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