I can’t sew for sh*t.

I wish I possessed the talent to make my own clothes. Shopping for clothes at this stage of my weight loss journey is a struggle because as soon as I can finally fit into something, it becomes too baggy, and I never liked wearing super baggy clothes, not even when I was a lot heavier. That doesn’t mean I want something skintight that looks like it was painted on, I’m nowhere near thin enough to pull that look off, but something that’s a little fitted is okay. As such, being able to make my own clothes, especially shorts/capris for the summer, would be great. Unfortunately, while I can hem trousers and make minor repairs to clothes, like stitching up a hole or putting a button back on, anything more complicated than that is way beyond my pay grade. This is the time when I wish high schools still offered Home Economics. There’s nothing wrong with teaching students, be they male or female, how to cook, sew, make clothes, balance household budgets, do the shopping, stuff like that. They’re life skills everyone should have. Of course, back when my mom was a senior in high school, only girls took Home Ec, and for her final grade she had to actually sew a dress AND cook a roast dinner, but that was 1967. Things have changed in the last half-century. That being said, it should still be taught. I certainly could use it right about now. I can cook and do the other stuff, but clothes making? Nope.




  1. the20somethingexistentialcrisis · March 11, 2017

    Roughly the same here. I love the idea of sewing my own clothes… but I’m more for modifying. I am an ace at hand sewing (I’ve been conscriped for costuming by many cosplayer friends) but sewing machines slightly terrify me. Luckily taking in by hand isn’t that hard. I’m hoping that when my clotes get baggier this skill will come in handy.

    Also, definitely watch some youtube. That’s how I learn new crochet stitches. There’s bound to be instructions on taking clothes it.

    Best of luck and have a good weekend!


  2. Dangerspouse · March 11, 2017

    HA! As a starving college student who could only repair torn clothing, not replace, I relied on the Guy Sewing Kit: a stapler and roll of duct tape. Worked…well maybe not great, but good enough for a 19 year old idiot.

    Thank god I married a needle arts goddess though, or I’d still be using that kit to this day 🙂


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