Happy Pi Day!


I’ll take a piece of this, warm from the oven, with the biggest scoop of vanilla ice cream you’ve ever seen. Make it snappy.

Before I get into the prompt for today, I want to wish both math geeks and pastry aficionados a happy Pi Day. Pi Day is of course, celebrated on March 14, and really specifically on March 14 at 1:59:26 in the afternoon, as the first few digits of pi is 3.1415926. That’s as far out as I remember it going, but there are more than a billion digits in it, if I’ve read correctly. So, if you love math or you love pie, cut yourself a slice today.

Now, as for the prompt today — it reminded me of a comment my dad made about his paternal grandparents when they emigrated here from what is now Hungary, around the turn of the century. They were so excited to become Americans, they jumped wholeheartedly into the prospect. They didn’t change their names, as many people often did, but they taught themselves English in just a few months, a language that many people say is incredibly hard for non-speakers to learn. They did everything they saw their native-born neighbors doing, and within a couple of years, they barely had accents, and you’d never have known they weren’t born here themselves. I have nothing against immigrants coming here from other countries, be it Mexico or Madagascar, but if you’re going to live here, you need to immerse yourself in our culture. That means learn our language, first and foremost. You can keep speaking whatever they speak back home, but you need to learn English. No more living here 30 years and being unable to speak a coherent sentence. No more relying on your children or grandchildren to translate for you.  Oh, and before someone says something, no, that’s not racist/prejudiced/bigoted/xenophonic. That’s practical. If I move to Sweden, even though everyone in Europe basically speaks English better than most of us do, I would be expected to learn Swedish. It’s only right, and that goes for if you’re here legally or otherwise.



  1. Sicarius · March 14, 2017

    Why do I feel like i’m reading my own thoughts. I totally relate to your style of writing and some of your interests.


  2. Train Today to Reap Tomorrow · March 14, 2017

    Very nice! Happy Pi Day!!


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