Ooh, that brings me back.

When I was a teenager, way back in the 90s, particularly the late 90s, I was a HUGE MASSIVE OH MY GOD FOREVER fan of *NSYNC. You know, the “male vocal group” that gave us Justin Timberlake, the most beautiful man to ever walk the face the Earth. I put “male vocal group” in quotes because apparently members of the Backstreet Boys objected to being called a boy band because it was disrespectful or some such bullshit. No, you were boys, you were in a band, therefore you were a boy band. Moving away from semantics about what they were called, I was definitely all about that life back in the day. I was 18 when No Strings Attached came out, and I remember standing in line at the Best Buy at Harlem-Irving Plaza (aka The HIP), waiting to buy it. I think I played it 100 times in a row as soon as I got home. As with all things, as I grew up, my taste in music changed, and my love for *NSYNC faded to a pleasant memory, but every now and again, I’ll cue it up in iTunes and remember a time when I had a future in front of me that didn’t look bleak (like it does now, sadly), the President wasn’t an uneducated moron, and Justin Timberlake was single. Wait. He was dating Britney Spears back then. God damn it. Cross that one off.



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