No trespassing.

I was fortunate growing up in that I didn’t have to share a bedroom with my sister. Some of my friends who have siblings had to share rooms, either because there weren’t enough bedrooms for everyone to have their own or their parents wanted them to develop that close bond that can come when you’re stuck having to share the same living space with someone all the time. I’m 5 ½ years older than my sister, so sharing a room with her growing up would have been a nightmare, and that’s probably why my parents didn’t go for it. I mean, when I was 13, she was 8. When I was 16, she was 11. Who wants to be 16 and sharing a room with their 11-year-old sister? No thanks. I love her to death, but as they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. I had my own room, and she had hers. I never let her in mine, she never let me in hers. To this day, when I’m over at her and her boyfriend’s apartment, I don’t go in their room, not unless I have to, and only then when I ask first. Privacy means something.

Did any of you have to share a room with siblings growing up? Did you have separate beds or bunk beds? Did you enjoy it? Would you make your kids share a bedroom, if you have any?

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  1. Train Today to Reap Tomorrow · March 29, 2017



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