She’s not that bad.

I used to give Taylor Swift a hard time because I found her a bit twee for my tastes, but her most recent album, 1989, isn’t entirely awful. There’s still a bit too much pop on it for what I enjoy listening to, but some of it is quite brilliant, and my opinions about her music aside, I’ve always thought she was great at writing lyrics, of crafting a story. You can easily picture what she’s singing about, which if you put aside your dislike for the music, actually makes the songs enjoyable. So, a semi-convert has been made out of me. I wouldn’t go see her live or anything, that’s too much money to spend on only a few songs I’m sure to enjoy, but I wouldn’t hesitate buying a few songs on iTunes. That huge, rambling lead in to today’s Musical Interlude Friday was for a reason, so I present to you one of those aforementioned songs from 1989 that I think is quite good. Enjoy!


Tell me what you think!

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