Paul McCartney’s best love song?

Before I start my post for the day, I just wanted to say that my birthday is in a month, and  I’ll link below my Amazon Wish List, in case any of you wanted to get me something to mark such a momentous and legendary occasion. I don’t make a habit of this, I only say something around my birthday and Christmas, but my family doesn’t have the money to even get me a card. Don’t feel obligated, and I won’t post anything ranting and raving if I don’t get anything. I just thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask.  🙂

On to the prompt for today and our Musical Interlude Friday selection — of all the Beatles, I prefer George’s solo stuff to anyone else’s, but I have to absolutely give props to Paul for writing arguably, one of the greatest love songs of all time. He wrote it for his wife Linda, at a time when he was very down and very low, and she helped move him past it. Enjoy!


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