I’d rather work alone.


“I hate every single one of you and wish I was working literally anywhere else.”

I’ve spoken before about how much I dislike collaborative or group work. I just don’t deal with it well. I don’t like having to rely on other people to do something I can just as easily (and quickly) do by myself. I’ve had to suck it up on more than one occasion and do it because it was required, and I didn’t complain about it to anyone, but I sure as hell complained about it to myself. It’s not that I feel I’m better than other people or smarter than other people, it’s just that everyone works at their own pace, and some people work faster (or slower) than I do, and I’d much rather not have to deal with other people’s scheduling conflicts when mine are easy enough to handle. Is anyone else like that? How have you managed to deal with it at school/work?

I’d also like to mention again that my birthday is coming up — it’s three weeks from Wednesday — so if any of you want to peruse my Amazon Wish List, the link is below.




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