This country is about to tip over.


I sure hope everyone knows how to swim.

If you don’t like politics or if you don’t follow politics, then this blog post won’t be for you. I hope to see you tomorrow, around the same time. For those that do follow politics, read on.

The news coming out of Washington anymore must be simultaneously enraging and depressing. I feel like I’m suffering from bipolar disorder, any given day. At worst, Donald Trump is a traitor. Giving him any and all benefit of that doubt (that he in no way deserves), he’s an incompetent buffoon. Either way, our country is teetering on the edge, and the drink is looking mighty cold and mighty deep. I don’t know how any of this can be repaired in my lifetime, assuming either the Democrats take Congress in 2018 and throw him out, or the GOP suddenly finds a backbone and throws him out before then. Either one. Our relationships with the intelligence communities, not just here at home, but abroad, will take decades to repair. Agencies have been destroyed from the inside, and it’ll take years to reset them back to equilibrium, to say nothing of moving forward, rather than backwards.

92 million people didn’t vote last November, either because they didn’t care to or because they thought Hillary Clinton was just as bad, if not worse, than Donald Trump, so what did it matter who won.

*begin adult language*

I hope those assholes are real goddamn happy right about now. I hope they’re enjoying the country they’re living in, because as much as I viscerally hate all 62 million people who voted for Trump, at least they voted. The 92 million who basically said “fuck it” and stayed home…I blame THEM for this. If a couple hundred thousand of them in about four states got off their asses…we wouldn’t be in the middle of this clusterfuck right now. I hope they’re sleeping well, because the rest of us sure as shit aren’t.

*end adult language*



  1. daodeqi · May 17

    I almost didn’t vote, didn’t feel like my vote mattered. But then Bernie came, and I thought there was a person I could vote for that wouldn’t be just like every other politician.
    But Hilary didn’t get my vote either. Jill Stine did.
    People of this country believe that we are throwing away our votes if we don’t stick to the two party system, but parties are all the same anymore, no longer interested in the people they are supposed to be representing.
    American people find themselves having to pick between two evils, that’s not right either.
    But man oh man, did this election prove me wrong; your vote does matter.
    Great post! Lets hope we are on a precipice and not just sliding downward on a slope!


  2. mterrazas32 · May 17

    Whats going on in this country goes beyond trump and has been boiling even before he decided to run for president. You dont have to be Dem. Or Rep. to notice that thing have change for the worst because of the media. The media will bring this country down.


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