I know I just got political yesterday, but…


So it seems the prompts the last couple of days are almost forcing me to talk about the Flim Flam Fuhrer, which I’m loathe to do on this blog as opposed to Twitter, since I want this place to be as politics-free as it can get, given how political I am in my day-to-day life. However, with a word like “farce,” how could I find a way around it? Well, I thought about it some, and then it came to me —

Feminine hygiene products.

We need them. We can’t not use them. So why the hell are they so gotdamn expensive? Women can’t use just one kind of tampon, because different days call for different needs. You can’t use the same pad either, because something for light days won’t do for overnight. They really ought to be free, or damn close to it. Sure, we only need them for a few days once a month, but depending on how bad it is that month, you might go through more than you normally would, then end up having to buy more before the next month’s cycle begins. Seriously. Tampax, Always, Kotex…get your shit together.



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