Like waves.


These aren’t waves you want to surf.

I think we all know people whose emotions are very obvious, no matter what they are. Whether it’s anger, love, sadness, excitement, nerves, whatever. It radiates off of them, and you can’t ignore it. I used to want to be like this, always disliking it when people couldn’t tell what I was feeling, especially when I thought it was obvious. As I got older, I enjoyed being more, maybe not mysterious, but definitely more shielded. I realized there was a premium to be had with emotional privacy, and not letting everything show on your face isn’t inherently a good thing.


One comment

  1. misifusa · May 28

    I show all emotions on my face which sometimes is unfortunate because everyone can read me if they are noticing. I wish I could find the way to not have every expression show and be mysterious at times, but it is not to be for me.

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