Life update and shameless self-promotion.

I have a couple of things:

  1. My mom is in the hospital, and has been since Sunday. She’s doing better, but she’s not well enough to come home yet. She has COPD, and over the years, she learned to adjust her life to work around it, but that has to change now. I might not be on this blog much the next few days, at least until she comes home, just because my mind has been elsewhere.
  2. My birthday is next Wednesday, and if you’d like to get me a little something in recognition of that, my Amazon Wish List will be linked below. There’s nothing expensive on it, just gift cards and a couple of books about Robert Kennedy. Oh, and a pair of sneakers because mine fell apart, and I haven’t been able to do my daily walks in over two weeks.

I appreciate all of you continuing to read this blog everyday, and just know — I haven’t forgotten about it or you. Thank you again.


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