Call it a male fantasy trope.


A skirt this short would have gotten me AT LEAST 10 demerits. Not to mention, we couldn’t wear heels like that.

I went to an all-girls’ Catholic high school, and while the uniform I wore didn’t look like the one presented in the image above, it was a white polo shirt with the school name embroidered on it and a plaid skirt. Each grade level had a different pattern, so you knew whether they were a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior just at first glance. I never could understand why men found Catholic school uniforms so salacious. Maybe it’s because I’m neither male, nor a lesbian, but I don’t understand what’s so sexy about them. I found them uncomfortable and annoying, particularly when it was cold. It sucked having to wear the same thing, every day, for four years. Sure, it made getting dressed in the morning easy because you didn’t have to agonize over what to wear, but they weren’t attractive. At least, not to me.

Gentlemen, if you don’t mind, explain for us womenfolk who feel behind the curve precisely WHY it is you adore the image of a woman in a plaid skirt and white, button-down shirt, her hair either in pigtails (which I haven’t worn since kindergarten) or a ponytail. I’m legitimately curious.



  1. Success Inspirers' World · June 5, 2017

    I do really have the impression that men are more attracted to girls in uniform. I have thought a little about it. To me the uniform gives the impression of purity; freshness; something juicy. Everybody likes fresh fruits, don’t they?


  2. Kijo · June 5, 2017

    Maybe the guys who like uniforms have raider genes. Uniforms, being exclusive to a group, indicate to men outside the group that “these are not your girls/women.” Men who, as boys, attended co-ed uniformed schools aren’t into catholic school girls.


  3. sandmanjazz · June 5, 2017

    Funnily enough I have never found the attraction in uniforms, catholic schoolgirl (or any School uniform for that matter) or otherwise, it is something I don’t get at all.


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