The only thing missing from this picture is a giant bowl of caramel sauce.

When it’s hot out, and down here in North Carolina, it can get real hot, one of the things I like to do to cool off is eat some apple slices. I don’t necessarily believe apples possess any temperature-reducing capabilities, but eating one or two always makes me feel cooler, even if I’m really not. This really only applies to being outside, since the air conditioning is on upstairs from essentially late May to late August. So, no need to cool off when you’re in a cooled off house. I’d say my favorite apples are either Honeycrisps or Galas. I used to like Red Delicious, but when I started eating Honeycrisps, I never went back.



One comment

  1. Gail · June 8

    Your picture made me want an apple! I love Galas. My hubby is a red delicious fan. I haven’t tried honeycrisps but will have to try them now.


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