Could this be the easiest blog post ever?

Today’s prompt is “Tender,” and the first thing that popped to mind was chicken tenders, because duh….food. The second thing that popped into my mind immediately after that had to do with today being Musical Interlude Friday, and with a prompt like this, you had to know what it was going to be. Enjoy!


  1. bushboy · June 9, 2017

    Excellent 🙂


  2. luckyjc007 · June 9, 2017

    😄 I love both!!


  3. The Shower of Blessings · June 9, 2017

    Oh thank you, Love Me Tender is one of my Elvis favorites. I can hear clearly before playing your video.
    I see that I’m following you, I don’t know if you follow me, but I made some change in my site link, the old link is empty. If you would like to continue to follow me, I need to trouble you to do something. I changed the (s) in different place and it created a brand new link. 😦

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    Thank you, Miriam


  4. Peter Adewumi · June 10, 2017

    Actually! The word brings many ideas into my mind, also when I am writing, but I have another write-up to post. Hence, I try to look for a way to make sure I put in tender to blend.


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