If it ain’t loud, it ain’t rock and roll.


This is a very aesthetically pleasing volume dial.

I don’t like loud music. That may seem odd, given the title of this post, but it’s true. I like listening to music, whether through earphones, in concert, through regular speakers…but if it’s too loud, I get splitting headaches. I don’t think one needs to listen to Running With the Devil at full bore to appreciate Eddie Van Halen’s guitar work or David Lee Roth’s vocals. The same is true for literally every other song out there. I think too many people have it in their minds that music, particularly rock music, should be played at the most obscene volume level possible, and that’s just not true. Not only are you actively damaging your hearing when you do that, you’re irritating the shit out of everyone around you, be they family, friends, or total strangers that happen to be your neighbors. I used to live next door to someone who thought that the only way they could listen to music was at a decibel level loud enough to rattle our windows. A couple anonymous phone calls to the local police station put an end to that bullshit real fast.

The worst part? It wasn’t even good music. If it had been Led Zeppelin or The Doors or Chicago or hell, Bruce Springsteen, it would have still sucked, but at least I could say the guy had taste. But he was listening to country music. COUNTRY MUSIC. Not the good country like Merle Haggard or Johnny Cash or Marty Robbins or Waylon Jennings. No, this was shitty bro-country by Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban and Toby Keith.




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