Knock me the eff out.

I’m a wimp. A wuss. A baby. I admit it, I fully own up to it. If I have to have some kind of medical procedure done where I have the option of either going with local anesthesia, where they just numb the affected area, or general anesthesia, where I’m out cold for the whole thing, I’m taking the latter. When I had a wisdom tooth removed a few years ago, the oral surgeon asked me if I wanted them to just do a local. I looked at him like he was insane. I wasn’t going to be fully awake and conscious while he’s cutting and ripping a tooth out of my head! Fuck no. Knock me out, wake me up when you’re done. Yeah, going under is scary, and last year when I had my gallbladder removed, I was a panicky mess that needed some Xanax or something before they could even administer the anesthesia, but it was over before I knew it, and I was fine. Like I said. Total wimp.


One comment

  1. Sandi · June 26

    My dentist tried to do some work,without anything. They weren’t extracting a tooth, but they were drilling and stuff. Oh, do you need more pain killer, because most people don’t need it. They are usually fine. WHA? YES, numb me up please, I don’t have a high pain threshold. And then I was made to feel badly! Like I was a wus.


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