Turn, turn, turn.


“Wheel of Dharma” would make a great Buddhist game show.

I’m not religious, but I’ve always found Eastern religions, Buddhism in particular, incredibly interesting. The concept of “dharma” is something I think all people understand, just maybe not using that specific word or terminology. It’s basically the innate quality of one’s own nature. It’s who you are. In Hinduism, it’s a person’s moral or religious duty/responsibility. I was fortunate to go to a Catholic high school where, in my Theology IV class my senior year, we took Comparative Religions and thus learned about belief systems from around the world, not just the English-speaking western world. I think there’s a great deal of ignorance in the United States about faiths that are not Christianity, either for religious or political reasons, and that ignorance is doing great harm to our relationships with countries elsewhere in the world, to say nothing of other people. One could argue that everyone, even non-Hindus, should see it as their dharma to be as educated about other people as they can be.


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