Slow ride, take it easy.


Now THIS is a view.

I love road trips. I know some people that hate long car rides, but I love ’em. One of my favorite things to do is pick an Interstate and just ride it for a while, seeing what’s there. I don’t drive, so I’m always the passenger, and being the head passenger comes with a lot of responsibilities. You’re responsible for procuring directions and/or handling maps, you have to dole out drinks and snacks to everyone else in the car, provided their not being kept in the back seat, and if part of your road trip happens at night, you have to keep the driver awake and alert IF they don’t want to stop somewhere until morning. I remember when my family moved to Georgia from Chicago — my sister got to sleep in the backseat the whole way there, while I had to stay awake in the front seat keeping our mom company and awake. I got to see what Cincinnati, OH looks like at night when you cross into Louisville, KY, so there’s that.

Just so you know, the Ohio River looks the same at night as it does during the day. You’re not missing anything.


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