Catch me if you can.


I wish my legs looked that good. I’d say “maybe one day,” but we all know it ain’t gonna happen.

I’ve discussed before my exercise regimen here, and while I don’t run (or even jog), I’d like to work my way up to that eventually. Right now I walk between 4.5 and 5 miles a day, sometimes more if I mow the front/back lawns. That means I go through trainers really fast, but the two pairs I have now are a better quality than I’ve had in the past, so hopefully the last me until at least the winter. I get asked all the time if walking that much in a day is tiring, and the answer is no, no it’s not. I don’t speed-walk, but I walk at a decent clip, and the latter of the two walks I do during the day is mostly uphill, and it’s in the evening when it’s warmer than the morning, so it’s almost like a double workout in and of itself. I’m fortunate to live in a subdivision that has two other subdivisions attached to it, so I have a nice bit of real estate to use for these walks.

This is a PSA — if you’re going to do any kind of exercising over the summer, always have water with you. You may think you’ll be fine without it, but believe me — you’ll need it. Even if the air temp is only in the low 80s, it’s the humidity that will do you in. Be smart.


One comment

  1. luckyjc007 · July 3, 2017

    My downfall is not drinking enought water! I do not get thirsty very often, but I know my body still needs the water.


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