This is the sound of psychosis.

Do you know people who enjoy constantly jingling and jangling things in their pockets like keys or loose change? Are these not the most insufferable sons of bitches you’ve ever met? They’re on the same people as pen clickers and pencil tappers. You know the types. I’m pretty sure they were put on this Earth just to irritate the rest of us and provide an example for our children on how not to live. I once snapped at a dude in an elevator because it was otherwise quiet until he had to start jangling his keys in his pocket as if the quiet scared him or something. I won’t say these people are entirely useless, as I’m sure they provide some benefit to someone, but that someone is obviously not me.



  1. newepicauthor · July 8

    It usually does not bother me that much, but there have been times when I had to tell some of my students to stop drumming on their desks in class and that they should join band class if they really needed to do this.


  2. blissfullybianca · July 8

    So true. Great post. I love how you have a real life reality to your posts.


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