I don’t think I’ve ever eaten one.


I think to have a cooking show on Food Network, you must liberally use this product.

I don’t consider myself a foodie by any means. There is a list longer than my arm of the foods I won’t eat because they either sound disgusting, smell disgusting, or look disgusting. Capers aren’t something I’ve eaten, not because I haven’t wanted to, but rather because I don’t think I’ve eaten anything they were put in. Maybe I have and I just don’t realize it, but I don’t recall consciously eating a caper. I know that almost every TV chef I’ve ever seen has extolled their virtues on more than one occasion, especially if it’s Italian cooking, but that’s the extent of my knowledge of them. They’re edible berries, and they’re often pickled. I guess you could mix them in a salad dressing?



  1. malinivenkat · July 10, 2017

    Oh – I learnt something new – didn’t know about the edible capers at all. 🙂


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