Your mileage may vary.


Ted Williams liked to pretend each baseball he hit was a Boston sportswriter.

Depending how old you are, or maybe even where you grew up, upon first hearing the word “moxie,” you might either think of the word OR you might think of the soft drink which pre-dated both Coke and Pepsi. According to Wikipedia, it’s still around today, though it’s very regional. I’ve never had any, as it never made it to Chicago, I don’t think, and it certainly isn’t down here in North Carolina. I’ve heard it’s very bitter, which to me, doesn’t make for a tasty soft drink. If I’m drinking something that’s bad for me, I’d like it to taste good at the very least. Down here in NC they have a regional soft drink called Cheerwine, and oh man is it gross. It reminds me of vaguely carbonated cherry cough syrup. I’ll just stick to Caffeine-Free Diet Pepsi, thank you.



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  2. tyrocharm · July 15

    I had no idea what moxie was. I thought it first had to do with pixie dust. lol


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