I wasn’t expecting that.


I don’t normally take public showers, but it was forced upon me.

I’m usually pretty good about getting lucky with my daily walks. I mean, the weather usually holds up for me long enough to do my 1.5-2.0 miles, then come home. Last night…eh. I checked the radar before I left the house because it was a bit dark off to the east, but there was nothing in my immediate area, so I threw my workout togs on and left the house. I was about 95% done with it when the thunder and lightning I’d been hearing off in the distance suddenly got a lot closer, and the skies absolutely opened up. It was bucketing down like you wouldn’t believe. I took off in a dead run towards the house, and no fewer than 5 cars stopped me to ask if I needed a ride home, which I had to decline because they were all going in the opposite direction of where I was going. My clothes were utterly soaked through, even my shoes and socks. I looked like a drowned rat, and felt like one too. I guess next time I won’t go so far from the house if there’s even a remote possibility of rain. Or just take an umbrella.


One comment

  1. Moumita De Sarkar · July 19, 2017

    We all face situations that happen out of our expectations. Few days later, you will laugh at yourself whenever the special ‘rainy’ workout regime merge in your memories.


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