I didn’t disappear — WordPress got glitchy.


I used to blog the old-fashioned way, but I ran out of bookshelf space.

I tried about four separate times to publish my post for yesterday’s Daily Prompt, but WordPress was all screwy and wouldn’t let me do anything. I couldn’t insert a picture, I couldn’t paste the link to the Daily Prompt, I couldn’t even hit “Publish” up there in the corner. Very annoying. When you read this, I’ll be at the grocery store probably, as I won’t be home when today’s Daily Prompt goes live, and I don’t want to skip another day of blogging. This is of course anniversary month for Designer Sophisticate, as I began this blog in August of 2014. Yeesh. Three years now. I’ll have to look at my archives to find the exact date of my first post, and I might have something special planned for then. I don’t know.

It came to my attention this weekend that my sister is a faithful reader of my blog, checking in every single morning to see what I’ve posted. To her I say, “Hi, Karie! Thanks for the support.  :-D”


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