credit to @bmainzer on Twitter

As an American, to say I was horrified by what happened yesterday in Virginia is an understatement. My great-great uncle was killed liberating Europe from the Nazis in WWII, and if he was still alive to see pitched battles between Nazis and actual human beings on the streets of America today, he’d die from shame. You know that I don’t often get political on my blog, only because I feel there are other writers who do it far better and far more eloquently than I can, and I tend to keep my political commentary to my Twitter feed, and if you follow me there, you’ll know that, but something like this is an event that demands conversation, no matter what.

Donald Trump refusing to outright condemn these people, to say nothing of saying there is violence, bigotry, and hatred on “many sides”, a low point in a Presidency already littered with low points, to quote Jon Favreau, doesn’t surprise me. He needs their votes. It’s the same reason he’ll never criticize Vladimir Putin. He’s so in debt to Russian banks, mobsters, and oligarchs, if he dares to criticize him, he’ll get a polonium milkshake with his KFC. Is that disappointing? It’s more than disappointing. But it’s not surprising. Donald Trump’s entire candidacy was based on a tacit understanding that he supported the white supremacist/neo-Nazi movement, and he’s done nothing so far to counteract that. The Justice Department closed task forces meant to monitor right-wing hate groups. You know, like the animals we saw yesterday in Virginia.

It’s easy to blame Trump voters for this, but they weren’t the majority of voters, nor did he win the popular vote. No, I put the blame for this squarely at the feet of the 94 million Americans who didn’t vote, the people who bought into the bullshit that Hillary Clinton was just as bad as Donald Trump, so why bother. Really? Are you thinking that now? There’s no excuse for ignorance and apathy. I can hate Trump voters, but at least they voted. They got off their asses, looked at the candidates offered, and picked one. It wasn’t the right choice, but it was still a choice. The lazy, the indifferent, the can’t-be-bothered…those people I really dislike. Thanks. Thanks a whole lot. We wouldn’t be where we are now as a country if Hillary Clinton were President, and that’s a 100% stone-cold fact. I hope you can live with yourselves.


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