Teachers get no respect.


Following the rule of Order of Operations, the answer to the math problem in the picture is 18.

My sister is a 7th grade Language Arts/Social Studies teacher, and I’ve mentioned that before on this blog because I’m exceedingly proud of her — I couldn’t do her job, not less I got paid six figures to do it. I don’t have the patience that she does, especially when you have to deal with shitty kids and their equally shitty parents every year. She says this year, her kids are really sweet, so hopefully that continues because last year, her kids were absolute monsters.

Now, I don’t think I went to school that long ago. Sometimes it feels like I did, as I graduated from 8th grade in 1996, but that was 1996, not 1956. I don’t think the world has changed that much since then, as opposed to when my parents graduated grammar school in 1963. We didn’t have smartphones or social media or any of the Internet-related technologies that kids nowadays do, but even taking all that into consideration, the things I read about or hear about blow my mind. We didn’t talk back to teachers. We didn’t call them bitches or hoes. We didn’t threaten to kick their asses. What’s wrong with kids nowadays that positions of authority mean nothing to them? They’re teachers, not SS officers. If they tell you sit down and stop talking, sit down and stop talking. When did this get complicated? If they tell you to do your homework or to turn something in Monday, you do it. You don’t argue, you don’t badger.

Am I getting old, or are today’s kids ruder than when I was that age? I don’t remember my parents saying anything like this about me when I was 12/13 years old.




  1. yidairis · September 4, 2017

    True. It’s sad when I think about this too. I hope all parents didn’t depend only the teacher to educate their kids. Themselves and their influence are role model to the youngsters.


  2. erik sax · September 4, 2017

    I think there’s always been pretty wide variety. When I was a substitute the kids in 9th grade advanced english were a delight. 12th grade history? Too tired to be trouble. Kindergarteners were super fun – mostly stories, songs and playground.
    The two hardest groups were the “special needs” group. The MR kids in wheelchairs were just too much for my heart. The “ED” (emotionally disturbed) kids all clearly had family issues going on. At a young age were allowed to watch “Oz” on HBO and were all talking about who they were planning to “phone check”, which is another word for stab or shank. They just wanted to get adult attention by playing /real/ adult games, it seemed to me.
    Of course, back then the kids didn’t have quite as much unrestricted internet access…


  3. xaspierudegirlx · September 4, 2017

    It’s so easy to blame the youth. This is kinda like a ring around merry go round I think. Who are teaching our children to be so rude? The generation of today is. Probably of your generation and mine. (I am 29) and people who range in my age who are parents do a lot of hiring an xbox to be a babysitter, grocery shop while their child is allowed to play on their smart phone or worse on the phone themselves as the kid gets screamed at for acting negatively by being ignored and/or is bored cause the parent is too distracted. They also don’t seem to know what outside is. >.> That and the expenses of today cause two parents to be working way too mch and not allowed enough time to be included in their child’s life and so on. MANY problems. Technology could be put to better use than babysitting our youth. But of course humans can and will destroy everything they touch or find a way to ruin it. Technology once was one of the proudest accomplishments and greatest inventions by human kind. Now I fear what it is doing to our future generations from lacking their ability to communicate (short hand texting) I even heard there are places that are taking hand writing out of their curricular (I wish I was kidding) and like that game systems replacing a nanny, babysitter or an ACTUAL parent. There are many problems and reasons for why the youth are the way they are today and it is deeper than just bad upbringing or abusive parents. Technology is not too blame though or anything like that. Parents have a responsibitity to monitor what their child or teen does, and if your child wants to do certain things such as play xrated video games or listen to rap or what have you it is the parents job to make sure they already instilled morals in their child and they can decipher the difference between Call of Duty and reality. It is up to the parents more so than the teachers I believe to truly educate today’s youth. Can the school system be improved? Of course it can especially in today’s world, but there are a lot of parents (NOT ALL I didn’t mean all in this post sorry I am not trying to like stereotype. And like that it is not all the parent’s fault either the world is advancing all too fast and it can be hard to keep ahead of it) but the few who neglect their kids and are not doing their job as a parent could use a good kick in the butt.


  4. xaspierudegirlx · September 4, 2017

    But there is also other points such as back in my parents day things like hitting your kids were okay, and my parents had religion forced down their throats and this believe was common back then too. There are benefits to today’s kids as they don’t get beat as it is not allowed anymore and is about as useless as any other punishment if you don’t actually talk to your child about what they did wrong and have them learn from right and wrong. My parents may not be rude but they grew up in harder times than I did. I am thankful for that. Today all we need to do is actually talk to our children, I think and set boundaries when it is needed. It is not that simple of course parents have to be strict sometimes, but communicating with a child opens a lot of opportunities because when a child trust you no matter how good or bad something they may have done, the first person they will go to is their parents. If a child can talk to a parent it can get a child to talk about something before actually doing something wrong or bad. Through talking to your child you will actually educate them on a lot and you become their safe haven.

    I don’t know, I know I get sick and tired of hearing about how this generation is worse than the ones before and why the heck isn’t the youth doing anything to change the world it’s falling apart..wah…..Pretty sure there was no model generation before mine that I have heard about. I don’t see my generation or the ones before doing anything really to change anything. It results in things just getting worse. People say the 60’s were great, and it was all about peace, lbe and happiness. But so was heavy drug use and drinking etc. And I don’t think there was any world changing moment that I have heard of yet. Correct me if I am wrong?

    I am all for revolution and educating the youth or upbringing a better youth…I AM trust me. But it doesn’t make humans worse than other humans. Humans just suck I have come to accept. It sounds bitter, but its true. In a world where things like animal neglect/abuse and child abuse still happens in the western world and other modern countries is a world I do not want to really live in. If I think about the cruelty of human kind too much I seriously get depressed. So I am sure much like other humans I choose ignorance is bliss. Sure I can save one or two children or one or two animals but this is simply not enough. Maybe it will get better, until then I kinda just accepted defeat. But until a revolution happens it will get worse and the youth will get more ruder and out of control. Sorry. 😦 It has finally hit a breaking point I believe and I am scared for what is coming.


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