Don’t feel it if you don’t mean it.


Sometimes all a person needs is a hug.

Do you know people who pretend to be sympathetic to whatever might be going on in your life or even in the lives of others, but don’t really mean it? I’m grateful not to, but I know people like this exist because friends and family of mine have made mention of them over the years, and I don’t understand them at all. I’m not the world’s most emotive or touchy-feely person, but when I say that I feel sorry for what you’re going through and wish I could do something to help, I mean it. I’m not just saying it so that you think I care or so that I look like I care. People like that always strike me as the types who will lie about having cancer or having a miscarriage or something. You know, professional attention whores. It’s one step up from Munchausen’s, really.

With today being September 11, I’m sure we all know someone who claims to know a person affected in some way by what happened, and people like that are especially odious. I have friends who were living in New York at the time, but they weren’t anywhere near Ground Zero, they had no friends/family working in the WTC or on the planes’ manifests, and they were not physically impacted by it at all. They were devastated emotionally, as was the rest of the country, but that’s it. I’ve never once told anyone that I know the pain of 9/11 because of those people I knew who happened to be living in Brooklyn at the time. Fuck people like that. I would never insult actual 9/11 survivors or victims’ families by saying I “know their pain,” and then ask for sympathy from others for that.


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