Only the strong survive.

Do you think you’re stronger than you really are? I don’t know if I am. I know I can probably do more than I say I can, but when it comes to emotional strength…I think that’s where I’m lacking. I can’t say I’ve ever really been tested like that, and I hope I never am. Nothing’s really happened in my life where I felt the rug get pulled out from under me — I can’t say the same for some friends of mine, sadly.

When it comes to physical strength, I know I can do more than I say I can, just because I’m physically getting in better shape, compared to how I was just a few years ago, and I can do things now I never would have dreamed of doing then, like hiking up a mountain with my sister.

P.S. — If you’re not watching The Vietnam War by Ken Burns on PBS right now, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. My dad and I have watched the first four episodes now (Episode 5 is tonight), and it has been utterly amazing. It’s been a great balance of the American perspective, the South Vietnamese perspective, and the North Vietnamese perspective. I seriously hope if you haven’t started watching, you do so immediately. Episode 5 is tonight, and Episode 6 starts on Sunday.


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