Ride or die.



I’ll give you both my collarbones, Aaron. I don’t need them. COME BACK DAMN IT, WE NEED YOU.


For those of you who are sports fans, do you have a team or teams that you are bound to until death? A team or teams you would never at any point quit rooting for, no matter how shitty they played or how their fortunes reversed? Well, if you’re a Green Bay Packers fan like I am, you no doubt felt a well of dread and sickness fill your stomach two plays into yesterday afternoon’s game. We’re 4-2 at the moment, and if you asked me to be honest, I don’t think we’re winning another game. Not because Brett Hundley, our new starting QB, sucks ass…once he gets some game reps in, I think he’ll do better, but because everyone around him is either injured, a 4th stringer, undrafted…we’re going to see just valuable Aaron Rodgers is to this franchise. He’s been carrying the team on his back for years, and without him, we’re going to see just how good the team really is…and I don’t think it’ll be pretty. I’ll be with them all the way to Game 16, but yeah.

Get better, Aaron.


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