The Few, the Proud, the Not-Me.

If you read my Daily Prompt response from yesterday, you’ll see that when it comes to some things, bravery is not my forte. I’m incredibly risk-averse and have no desire to do anything that might cause me bodily harm or embarrassment. That’s why I’m always in awe of people, both men and women, who sign up for the Armed Forces. I couldn’t do it. Not just because I’m a pacifist and hate guns, but because I don’t have the mental or physical strength to go to a war zone and kill people, even if those people are trying to kill me and my comrades. I’d literally freeze on the spot and probably get killed. I’m a total pussy. Again, I know, it’s not a flattering thing to say about oneself, but I recognize it. I can understand that some people are born with the courage gene, and I just don’t have it. Better them than me out there, saving our butts.

Tell me what you think!

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