I’m going old-school.

Most young people today probably haven’t heard of Engelbert Humperdinck, he of the ridiculously ridiculous stage name, but I have, and at the age of 35, still consider myself a “young person,” though my knowledge of his catalog is down to growing up listening to that kind of music. That said, when I saw the prompt for today, his name and this song immediately sprang to mind, though Wilson Phillips did do a song more recently with “release” in the title. I thought, however, that it would be more fun to give ol’ Engelbert some love. For today’s Musical Interlude Friday selection I give you “Please Release Me (Let Me Go)” by what’s-his-face. Enjoy!



  1. True George · October 20, 2017

    My dad had his hits on an 8=track tape….


  2. butterfloblog · October 21, 2017

    I have happy memories of listening to this song, with Tom Jones added into the mix. FANTASTIC!


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