Let there be light.

Turn on the light

Let’s all take a moment to thank Thomas Edison for this photo.

Have you ever suddenly had the proverbial light bulb go off when you finally figure something out that had been puzzling you? I had that moment a few days ago when I was in the middle of making dinner and it all of a sudden struck me who the actor was in a TV show I’d watched a few days earlier. My dad turned me on to Gunsmoke quite a few years ago, and I was watching an episode on YouTube when I swore the older actor playing the episode’s main characters’ grandfather looked familiar, but I couldn’t place his face to save my life. Then, right as I was slicing a tomato, I said — out loud — “Shit, that was Lew Ayres!” I have seen Lew Ayres in several movies, including All Quiet on the Western Front and Johnny Belinda, but I didn’t recognize him.

Don’t you love those “a-ha!” moments?




  1. John Snow · October 22, 2017

    Fantastic article! I love it.


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