It’s the best time of the year.

Happy Santa Claus laughing

I hope you have an extra-wide chimney. Santa looks like he’s packed on a few pounds.

How old were you when you figured out Santa was really your mom and/or dad? I was 9. It didn’t happen because I snuck out of my room and saw them putting presents under the tree after my sister and I had gone to bed. It happened because I looked at the gift tags on my presents and saw the “From: Santa” looked just like the way my mom and dad signed my birthday cards every year. It was the same handwriting. I remember looking up at them as they sat on the couch, watching my sister and I tear into our gifts, thinking they weren’t as slick as they thought they were. I never told my sister my realization; she was only 4, and that’s too young to have the rug pulled out from under you about that. She was about the same age I was when she figured out Santa Claus was really mom and dad being sneaky. After that, they signed all the gift tags “From: Mom & Dad.”

As a special musical bonus for you today, two weeks before Christmas, here is Big Daddy from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof wishing you much merriment this time of year. Enjoy!


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