Easily lost.


I’ve never been Baltimore, Maine, or Florence. Though I would like to go to Baltimore. I love crab cakes.

I am no good at reading maps. If you plunked me down in the middle of nowhere and told me to head east, I’d look at you like you had four heads. If I need to be given directions, you have to tell me in terms of turning right or left, going straight ahead or turning around and going back the other way. East/West/North/South means nothing to me. I know what direction east is in the morning because that’s the direction the sun rises in, so I also know what direction west is at sunset, but in the middle of the day or in the middle of the night? Yeah, I’m boned. People with an inherent sense of direction astonish me. I’m supremely jealous of their skills, as I have none.



  1. Megha's World · December 18, 2017

    Same with me I was very poor with reading maps while growing up but I have improved a lot living in a country where people would rather take the wrong way instead of asking other for directions.


  2. dharkanein · December 20, 2017

    Plz don’t take me wrong but your post made giggle. The reason is I saw my image in your words, struggling for directions. I even get confused for right and left too. Then I stand in a place lift my hand with which I write or eat because I am a right hander and then I decide the other side is left. I am so poor in directions. If you leave me in mid, I will be panicking and crying and praying inwardly if I get the right direction and reach the place I have to, I won’t come again this way.


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