Hey kids, this is called a “telephone.” You used to not be able to carry one in your pocket.

A long time ago, back when people still had to write checks to pay for stuff and mail letters if they wanted to send their resumés out to prospective employers, that’s what a telephone looked like. At least, all the telephones I ever saw looked like that, including pay phones. I don’t remember when we got a touch-tone phone, but it was early to mid-90s, I’m pretty sure. If you didn’t have super tiny fingers, you had to use the eraser end of a pencil or a pen to dial a number, sticking it in the hole to wind it around to that little stopper right above the 0. It was a pain in the ass. Dialing numbers with a touch-tone phone went SO much faster. I could do it with one hand without looking at the number pad. I’d love to find a really nice, vintage rotary dial phone for my house. I don’t use a landline all that much, but it would be a nice conversation piece. What say you? Are rotary dial phones like typewriters and tape decks (obsolete technology) or is there still a market for them?



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  1. sgeoil · December 20

    I think there is definitely a market for the rotary phone. The Chic and Shabby crowd love them. I miss “brrrrr” of the wheel when you dialed!

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