All we need is a kind word.

If you see someone looking really dejected, almost despondent, while you’re out in public…do you go up to them and ask what’s wrong? I always worry that doing so crosses some kind of invisible line between acceptable and not-acceptable public interaction. I’d hate to be that person who sees someone looking like they want to take a swan dive off the top of a building, but I also don’t want to stick my nose in where it doesn’t belong and possibly set them off, getting me or other people hurt in the process. I suppose it comes from wanting to treat others the way I’d want someone to treat me. If I was looking glum or really, really depressed, I’d want someone to ask if I was okay, if there was something they could do, because it would at least show someone cared. Sometimes that’s all we need.



  1. Megha's World · January 8, 2018

    I do that all the time.I get a mixed reaction.The fear of getting shut down by people and minding your own business might creep in but then I think at least I tried.Sometimes I’m able to help sometimes not.

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  2. Radhika Acharya · January 9, 2018

    It is a delicate situation I agree. I wouldn’t have the courage to go up and ask especially if it’s a stranger…… Hmmm, You’ve given me food for thought Beth !! 🙂


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