Things that make you go, “Hmmm…”


One of the few more memorable ad campaigns in recent history.

The prompt today reminded me of the Guinness ad campaign from a few years ago where two old-timey looking dudes toast each other with bottles of Guinness, shouting “Brilliant!” whenever one of them comes up with a good idea. That got me thinking about other advertising campaigns that have stuck in my mind throughout the years, and one that immediately jumps to mind is the Quiznos commercials with the sponge monkeys (where the hell they came up with that name for those hideous looking things I’ll never know). You remember them…I know you do.

At the time, I remember people being almost apoplectic about them, decrying them as garbage and wondering what the fuck Quiznos had to be thinking to believe THAT would sell sandwiches. The funny (or genius) thing about it is that it worked.

What are some of your favorite ad campaigns, either on TV or in print, that have always stuck with you? Did you think they were funny/cool, or do you remember them because they were bizarre or over-the-top?

One comment

  1. everydaystrangeblog · January 9, 2018

    That Christmas Corona commercial with the palm tree that lights up at the end. Classic.


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