Whittle me this.


Be careful which direction you’re pushing the blade. You want to keep all your fingers.

I know whittling isn’t precisely the same thing as carving, but I still find it an impressive art all the same. I have no artistic ability whatsoever (I’ve mentioned that before), so when I see intricate crafts like that, I marvel at them. I don’t quite know how someone starts with a block of wood and ends up with a cat curled up asleep, but I suppose that’s a good thing because it helps retain the mystery. I feel the same way about any kind of art — I simultaneously want to know how it’s done in the hopes I could one day do it too and don’t want to know how it’s done so that it doesn’t lose its wonder.



One comment

  1. Michael · January 11, 2018

    Tried it once. Cut my hand so badly ended up in hospital. I believe knife safety may well be Step 1 🙂


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