*insert shocked exclamation here*

Avoiding politics (as that could be a sticky wicket, and I don’t like getting political here unless I am consciously moved to be), what is the most recent thing that has happened in your life to shock/surprise/mystify you? Maybe you learned something you didn’t know before, and you were surprised to discover you didn’t already know it. For me, that was the word “contronym.” I knew synonym and antonym, but not contronym. It’s a word that is also its own opposite. For example, take the word “sanction.” If you sanction something, you’re giving permission for it to happen. It can also mean to put limits on what can be done or what someone else can do. Then there’s the word “oversight.” If you have oversight on a project, you’re in charge of it, you’re responsible for all the minutiae. If something is an oversight, it’s been forgotten or overlooked.

See? Surprised yet? I don’t know why I never learned that in school. It’s a simple enough concept, but for 35 years, it eluded me. How about that.



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