Tom Brady fans, don’t read this.


If you don’t like football, and I don’t mean that wussy shit we call soccer, I don’t know what’s wrong with you.

We’re about to get REAL controversial up in here. This is way more polarizing than Democrat vs. Republican, ketchup vs. mustard.

Tom Brady is not the greatest quarterback ever.

I warned you.

I will admit my bias up front and say that I’m a Green Bay Packers fan, so my heart (and other body parts) rests with a different quarterback that wears #12, but my opinion is based in cold, hard truths, not my rapidly beating heart or quivering loins. Tom Brady is the most accomplished quarterback in NFL history. I think anyone who can look at numbers will admit that. However, championships are not the full measure of a person’s talent, and I will use an example from baseball to prove it. Look at Joe DiMaggio vs. Ted Williams. Both incredible hitters, both no doubt Hall of Famers. Joe DiMaggio won several WS titles because he played on incredibly stacked, incredibly talented teams. Ted Williams won no WS titles because he played on either shitty or terminally unlucky teams. No one will ever say that Joe DiMaggio was a better player than Ted Williams or a better hitter, because he wasn’t. Joe played on better teams, and his talent, plus the talents of those around him, won those championships. Ted Williams didn’t have that kind talent around him, so his incredible abilities by themselves weren’t enough to get over that last hump.

Sound familiar? Take Tom Brady out of New England and put him on the Packers, the Packers will win games sure, but they won’t win a Super Bowl. Put Aaron Rodgers on the Patriots, and the Patriots will still win the Super Bowl because the team is constructed to do it. It’s not Tom by himself, it’s Tom + others. Aaron Rodgers doesn’t have that luxury in Green Bay.

Hence why Tom Brady is more accomplished, but Aaron Rodgers is more talented. Debate over.


Tell me what you think!

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